The Island and the Plough : Final Drawings

I have almost reached the end of the tunnel; who knew I could actually complete a project.  I am in the middle of the second to last illustration and only have a handful of pages to do typography.  The illustrations have certainly been the most time consuming part of this process, but they were also the most fun.  I will still have to give some extra attention to the typography as I want a very graphic style to match the look of the illustrations.

Here is a single page preview of “The Island and the Plough.”  I don’t want to post too many internal illustrations as to ruin the surprise of the hero’s journey which is also why I have chosen an image from early on in the story.  I will post a more detailed synopsis when I begin to actually market and sell the book but for now this is just a tease:

Sketchbookjack The Island and the Plough page preview

In "The Island and the Plough," Papa warns the children to stay away from the fence and the edge of the island for fear of being swept into the great white sea.

The Island and the Plough : Cover Art Redux

I have reworked the cover art for “The Island and the Plough” a bit to include the house as to bring in a bit more of the human element considering the story so heavily revolves around a man and nature theme.  It seems to have lost some of its perfect symmetry, hopefully for the better in an asymmetric sort of way.  It might still need a little more attention to keep the balance right.   I am nearly finished with the internal illustrations and hope to post some here; however, not too many as to ruin the story. ;)

SketchbookJack The Island And The Plough Cover Art Image

Sketchbookjack Island and the Plough Book Mockup

Oh yes, I am a geek. I mocked up what the book might look like ;p