L.A. Noir

sketchbookjack jackandtill etsy print black and white art film noir print la los angeles downtown bold illustration

I have started a few noir inspired posters and am thinking of doing one for each city in which I have lived or visited.  I probably can’t do everything I have visited, and probably no one wants a poster from half of those cities, so I’ll hit the big, fun, major ones.  But, I thought I’d start it off with L.A. as I have been for the past eight years and it seems deserving.  I’ll add them as prints to the shop as I get them done.

Art Print Sale on Etsy

I am starting to sell prints again on the Etsy Shop, so check back often as I will be uploading new ones often. If you have a custom request, perhaps something you’ve seen in the past but is not available yet, just let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!