Jouez! Redux!

Jouez! Ultraswing is back, and this time with a commission piece for a gig poster for their live shows.  You know, the kind of poster that will plastered on telephone polls, the backs of pubs, and billboards.  This was an incredibly fun project to work on, so if you are perusing the streets of Brighton, Newhaven, Worthing, or maybe even London, be on the look out for these plastered about.  If you see them, take photos and send them to me!

Ultraswing gypsy jazz band gig poster Joez black and white retro vintage design layout mockup art illustration comic cartoon selmer guitarist bassist pub django reinhardt live music pen and ink characters character design

The Miraculous Marvelous Marvin

magician marvin sketchbookjack illustrationfriday

Come witness, the amazing, brilliant, shocking, stunning Miraculous Marvelous Marvin!  For one night only watch this one man show; no assistants needed!  You won’t believe your eyes and you won’t believe the astounding, wonderful, thrilling, mind bending, brain boggling tricks, illusions and feats of disaster!  Watch a single man appear, disappear, eat fire, blow fire, jump through fire, juggle knives, dazzle with costume changes, practical illusions and perform his most incredible illusion of sawing himself apart!

(For Illustration Friday : “Separated” )

Halloween Goodness

As jackandtill, we haven’t been able to post anything for sale in an awfully long time, but we do have some of my SketchbookJack Victorian style, illustrated Halloween greeting cards for sale. You can check them and purchase a pack our on sketchbookjack & jackandtill etsy site.

sketchbookjack etsy halloween card

SketchbookJack "Ghastly Gallivanting" Pumpkin Head Card

SketchbookJack "Happy Haunting" Skeleton Card

SketchbookJack "Happy Haunting" Skeleton Card

SketchbookJack "Spooky Serenading" Card

SketchbookJack "Spooky Serenading" Card

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