Captain Cuttle McCutlass

As an entry for the first round at the Character Design Challenge and their theme of Pirate here is Captain Cuttle McCutlass.  I suppose I should say he’s from Calcutta ;)

cuttlefish character pirate captain black and white illustration ink splatter splotch spray bold style jack sketchbookjack character design challenge facebook blog sword boots gloves octopus squid tentacles art


The Composer

I finally finished the commissioned portrait for Stephen Pikarsky (from All Keyed Up Media).  He’s been a huge help to me in some personal projects and did the original score for the Island the Plough App (which is still, slowly, slowly happening).  It was a lot of fun to do this project and it inspired me to do a series of them.  This, being “The Composer,” I am hoping to also do “The Writer,” “The Dancer,” “The Singer,” and “The Painter” to sort of round out the various artist/creator profiles.

the composer illustration illustrator black and white pen and ink vest glasses papers musical score keys piano keys falling apart floating ink wash splatter spatter splash messy sharp style design sketchbookjack jack kasprzak stephen pikarsky stylized