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Now is your chance to get a SketchbookJack sketch of you, your mom, your dad, grandma, dog, tea kettle, teddy bear, gold fish, or maybe just leave it up to Jack. This is a rare opportunity to get a custom original for only $25 via the “The Island and the Plough”/”Captain and Crow’s ABCs” book publishing Kickstarter campaign. Not only will you get a custom sketch, but also a PDF version of the book of your choosing. Share the love:

Jouez! Redux!

Jouez! Ultraswing is back, and this time with a commission piece for a gig poster for their live shows.  You know, the kind of poster that will plastered on telephone polls, the backs of pubs, and billboards.  This was an incredibly fun project to work on, so if you are perusing the streets of Brighton, Newhaven, Worthing, or maybe even London, be on the look out for these plastered about.  If you see them, take photos and send them to me!

Ultraswing gypsy jazz band gig poster Joez black and white retro vintage design layout mockup art illustration comic cartoon selmer guitarist bassist pub django reinhardt live music pen and ink characters character design

¡Lucha, Otra Vez!

¡ It’s Lucha time!  For those of you that remember the Lucha Libre characters I posted a while back: here are a few of the fighters in full glory, depicted as retro advertisement posters you might see stapled, or stuck with chewed gum, to a telephone pole.  Forgive me; my Spanish is a little rusty so if anyone would like to act as a proof reader or suggest slogans and phrases that should be on here, by all means, let me know!  Otherwise, enjoy, and don’t forget to get tickets to the next fight to see your favorite wrestler.

¡ I also have a grammar and etymology trivia question! ¿Why does the Spanish language use an upside down exclamation point and question mark before and after the sentence? ¿And why not for periods and other punctuation? ¿Is it only to warn you that a point of excitement is about to come? ¿What if the first half of your sentence is not a question but the second half is?

Feature on Ruffled Blog

Our wedding was featured!  For those of you who like to keep up with the wedding blogs and design, or just want to see some of my illustrations in action (mostly directed and inspired by my lovely wife) you can check out their piece on our wedding here.   Here are some samples of the DIY artwork we did for the wedding.  (Photos provided by Arrow&Apple)

jack and till sketchbookjack invitation graphic design wedding invite rsvp card

Invitation and response card design and letterpress printed by (

sketchbookjack jack and till ruffled blog design wedding sign glitter font typography fun decoration

Hand cut glitter sign.

ruffled blog jack and till sketchbookjack design illustration art wedding art program layout gold

Wedding program design with wishbone (for wishbone breaking ceremony)

jack and till ruffled blog sketchbookjack design art illustration wedding treat bag give away gold quotes woody allen

Treat bag design (with homemade salted caramels inside)



Gypsy Jazz Ultraswing twenties retro dance speakeasy flapper illustration drawing cartoon black and white comic guitarist music jouez

Ultraswing – “Jouez” – Album Front

Gypsy Jazz Ultraswing twenties retro dance speakeasy flapper illustration drawing cartoon black and white comic guitarist music

Ultraswing – “Jouez” – Album Reverse

Ultraswing, the UK gypsy jazz band has just released their next album, “Jouez,” for which I did the album art work.  This was a great project to work on, especially for developing some fun characters, interesting vignettes and scenes.  They wanted to go with the idea of a speak-easy style jazz club featuring the full ensemble as well as all the characters that go along with that type of lounge.  As soon as I receive my copies in the mail, I will be sure to post some photos of the product as well.  There are interior panels and the disc itself, as well.  If you like jazz, and especially gypsy style jazz, in the vein of Django Reinhardt you should certainly check them out and give them a listen; plus, they are super cool cats.

The Miraculous Marvelous Marvin

magician marvin sketchbookjack illustrationfriday

Come witness, the amazing, brilliant, shocking, stunning Miraculous Marvelous Marvin!  For one night only watch this one man show; no assistants needed!  You won’t believe your eyes and you won’t believe the astounding, wonderful, thrilling, mind bending, brain boggling tricks, illusions and feats of disaster!  Watch a single man appear, disappear, eat fire, blow fire, jump through fire, juggle knives, dazzle with costume changes, practical illusions and perform his most incredible illusion of sawing himself apart!

(For Illustration Friday : “Separated” )

Halloween Goodness

As jackandtill, we haven’t been able to post anything for sale in an awfully long time, but we do have some of my SketchbookJack Victorian style, illustrated Halloween greeting cards for sale. You can check them and purchase a pack our on sketchbookjack & jackandtill etsy site.

sketchbookjack etsy halloween card

SketchbookJack "Ghastly Gallivanting" Pumpkin Head Card

SketchbookJack "Happy Haunting" Skeleton Card

SketchbookJack "Happy Haunting" Skeleton Card

SketchbookJack "Spooky Serenading" Card

SketchbookJack "Spooky Serenading" Card

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