Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


What can I say?

It is your day.

If I could,

I suppose I would,

say it in a special way.

But who can do it better

with each and every letter

the way you say what you say?

Happy birthday to the man,

from all his friends and fans.

Learning and laughter you produce

so thank you, Dr. Seuss.

Happy Birthday Charlie Dickens


Happy 200th Birthday Charlie Dickens!  He is probably my favorite “classic” author.  The imagery and moods he builds are so robust, not to mention the themes and brilliant characters he designed are right up my alley.  London, smokestacks, chimneys, murders, dry humor, smart humor, dark humor, despair, hope, fear, shadows, chases, rooftops, thievery, spying, seedy underworlds, gangs, wars, and ghosts, all in tailed coats and top hats; what’s not to love?