Nelson Boles : Animation

Nelson Boles with “This One Time” is at it again, this is one of my favorites of his.  I wish someone would give this guy a grant or funding for a feature.  There are very few who can pull off silent movies, much less silent animation well, and this is entertaining every bit of the way.  He certainly has a talent:

This One Time, by Nelson Boles

Super Slow Motion

     Take a look at the wobble and jiggle in the nose and the ears, not to mention the entire face.  I bet you didn’t know your face was that rubbery.  Super slow motion is very revealing about what actually goes on in daily motion, it also might help explain why your face stings so much after being hit.

Custom 52

If you haven’t already found it, make sure to check out  It is a collaborative effort by artists submitting designs for the art on a deck of cards.  They have already closed season one and are on sale in their store, but you can still submit for season 2 which I have two submissions.  Be sure to check it out and submit your own design!  Here are my designs:

SketchbookJack SubmissionSketchbookJack Submission