The Daily Mobster

After being away for a little while, The Daily Mobster has started up again with new gangsters!  The stories and characters are ever growing.  Be sure to head over and follow along and don’t be afraid to share!  Just for fun, I have compiled all of them together below, so please enjoy!
the daily mobster character mugshots cartoon comic illustration design gangster black and white drawings caricatures

Swanky Skins

Cool man daddio, how about some swanky skins for the old iPhone?  I thought it about time for poppin’ some swell wallpapers of the most popular mobsters.  Show them around, or just have a little smile every time you turn on your phone at the goofball looking back at you.  If anyone has a special request, just shoot me an email via the contact page and I can try to get to it.  Hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to stop by, and have your friends stop by, The Daily Mobster once in a while.

HD iphone skin wallpaper the daily mobster sketchbookjack funny character cartoon illustration black and white

Download them now, here!