¡Lucha, Otra Vez!

¡ It’s Lucha time!  For those of you that remember the Lucha Libre characters I posted a while back: here are a few of the fighters in full glory, depicted as retro advertisement posters you might see stapled, or stuck with chewed gum, to a telephone pole.  Forgive me; my Spanish is a little rusty so if anyone would like to act as a proof reader or suggest slogans and phrases that should be on here, by all means, let me know!  Otherwise, enjoy, and don’t forget to get tickets to the next fight to see your favorite wrestler.

¡ I also have a grammar and etymology trivia question! ¿Why does the Spanish language use an upside down exclamation point and question mark before and after the sentence? ¿And why not for periods and other punctuation? ¿Is it only to warn you that a point of excitement is about to come? ¿What if the first half of your sentence is not a question but the second half is?

2 thoughts on “¡Lucha, Otra Vez!

  1. Cos of the grammar. Spanish questions aren’t as straight forward as English, so they determine at beginning of sentence how the upcoming sentence is to be said, same with accents you can identify straight away what needs emphasis.

    In English we often start a question with do or does and this doesn’t translate in Spanish they just use the punctuation instead. Example:
    Tienes un carro = you have a car
    ¿Tienes un carro? = Does you have a car

    And the punctuation just goes around the question itself,

    Yo sè, pero ¿tienes un carro?

    I think this is right, this is how I understand it to be.

    • That’s it, you got it! It seems to mostly stem from the there being no difference between a verb in a statement form and a verb in a interrogative form where as in English it is almost always accompanied by an interrogative pronoun (where, why, who) or the subject and verb are reversed as you illustrated above as in: “do you” vs “you do”. Cheers!

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