The Island and the Plough : Contact Sheets


I am quite excited to say that I am nearing the very last stage of “The Island and the Plough.”  Editing and formatting proves to be quite an arduous process.  I had a first round of contact sheets proof-printed and had a few people review them.  One person in particular who is a writer/director (on the film side of things) had some really great final editorial remarks.  I decided to take a few into account and rework some small things here and there, adding one extra idea right at the climax of the story which I think will really accentuate the central tone and punctuate the climax better than what I had.

Here is my nearly completed, revised set of contact sheets.  I apologize for making them so small, but being so near completion of this project, I still don’t want to give away the story.  But there is something very interesting about viewing the pages at this size.  It gives a very clear sense of the progression of tone, contrast and balance, not to mention a great macro view of each page’s composition.  It brings the process to a full circle back to a “storyboard” format to really review it once again.

I am still in the throes of deciding how exactly to distribute this project as contacting/meeting with agents and publishers is a very slow process.  Many of the people I have talked with, even in the publishing industry, still suggest self publishing.  At some point I will be doing a small run of prints for proofing purposes as well as for family and friends, which I will make available to sale.

4 thoughts on “The Island and the Plough : Contact Sheets

  1. Hah, I was almost afraid to look at the contacts as I didn’t want a spoiler – so I’m happy they are small. Not that I know SFA about it myself, but my hubby-geek was talking about Apple’s new self-publishing whazziz last week. He seemed to think it was going to be extra-great for illustrated books and/or kids’ books. But, I’m probably just half-remembering whatever he was nattering away at me about it at the time…

    • Yes, I saw that app release and was pretty excited. The more I read about it, the more it seems mostly geared towards text based books, or textbooks with inset photos. I read a few reviews of people trying to do illustrated books or comics with it and were having a lot of troubles. I’m definitely looking into it though! If nothing else, it would be great for any fiction/text-based books I get around to doing in the future.

  2. Wow! I admire your determination and drive in getting the project to the finishing stages. I too am trying to find a publisher or and agent to work with. It’s proving to be slow as you say. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your work. Good luck with the book :)

    • Apologies for the late reply. Yes it is quite some work; however I chose this story and decided on this design style specifically because I know it was a project size more manageable. I will let you know about my choices and progress in going to print as finding publishers is quite difficult. Good luck on your project as well!

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