The Island and the Plough

Here is the very first image of my current project, “The Island and the Plough” or “The Island and the Plow” (I’ll have to decide on the spelling shortly.) done on a notepad as an expressive gesture drawing but turned out to say more than I thought it would.  The story revolves around this farm house built on an island where a small family lives.  I have begun writing the story; it will be told in a children’s fable style.

Fiep, a farmer and father lives, basically stranded, on an island where they have a large apple tree, their house, and a small farm.  The family lives quite happily there until the winter comes along and they realize this year’s harvest did not yield enough to get them through the winter.    I won’t reveal the rest of the story, but it involves Fiep getting off the island but in a very unusual and unexpected way.

I hope you will follow along as “The Island and the Plough” unfolds.  Cheers, Jack.

SketchbookJack The Island and the Plow

The very first gestural concept for "The Island and the Plough"

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