The Composer

I finally finished the commissioned portrait for Stephen Pikarsky (from All Keyed Up Media).  He’s been a huge help to me in some personal projects and did the original score for the Island the Plough App (which is still, slowly, slowly happening).  It was a lot of fun to do this project and it inspired me to do a series of them.  This, being “The Composer,” I am hoping to also do “The Writer,” “The Dancer,” “The Singer,” and “The Painter” to sort of round out the various artist/creator profiles.

the composer illustration illustrator black and white pen and ink vest glasses papers musical score keys piano keys falling apart floating ink wash splatter spatter splash messy sharp style design sketchbookjack jack kasprzak stephen pikarsky stylized

Inktober: The Headless Horseman

This year for #Inktober I decided to try and tell a story over the course the month, one day at a time. This is the Real story behind the Headless Horseman. Follow along on SketchbookJack’s Instagram.

Good evening, dear readers, I am your storyteller. Follow along this #inktober for the revealing of the real #story of the #headlesshorseman. Each day for #inktober #pigmainktober and #KuretakeInktober another snippet of the horrible horseman’s story will be unveiled. Continue along, if you dare, as we approach #Halloween #sketchbookjack #art #design #ink #illustration #penandink #dapper #wingtips #vintage #retro

It all began one fateful October when the expecting, Mr and Mrs. Horseman, were handed their baby boy. Strangely, something was missing. As you can imagine, it gave the Horsemens quite a shock…and then some. #inktober #inktober2014 #Halloween #headlesshorseman #KuretakeInktober #sketchbookjack #art #pigmainktober #design #ink #illustration #penandink #dapper #wingtips #vintage #retro #style #look #like #instagood @jakeparker

As any proper parent would do, the only thing they could do, Mr. and Mrs. Horseman tried to live a normal life as though nothing was wrong. Mr. Horseman had his baby bjorn, his parenting books, but well, something was wrong! Just getting a coffee in public was a disaster for the Horsemans. #inktober #inktober2014 #Halloween #headlesshorseman #KuretakeInktober #sketchbookjack #art #pigmainktober #design #ink #illustration #penandink #dapper #wingtips #vintage #retro #style #look #like #instagood

Adults can be so judgemental; they thought, perhaps, that little Les (Headless) could make friends with the other babies. The Horsemans arranged a play date. Although, Les seemed to have fun, the other babies cried and screamed bloody murder. It would appear as though the youngest Horseman would struggle to make friends. #inktober #inktober2014 #Halloween #headlesshorseman #KuretakeInktober #sketchbookjack #art #pigmainktober #design #ink #illustration #penandink #humor #silly #story #retro #style #look #like #instagood @jakeparker #theRealStoryOfTheHeadlessHorseman

Unfortunately, the Horsemans decided that the best course of action would be to find somewhere else to live, somewhere smaller where they can hide, somewhere they can start a new life. So they packed up their bags, and little Les, and left their life in the big city to find a sleepy little town. #inktober #inktober2014 #Halloween #headlesshorseman #KuretakeInktober #sketchbookjack #art #pigmainktober #design #ink #illustration #penandink #humor #silly #story #retro #style #look #like #instagood @jakeparker

Their big city troubles weren’t fully behind them. It would seem, as a cruel trick, the stableman sold Mr. Horseman a wild bronco. Much to their surprise, little Les lived up to his surname. He took the reins and started riding, less than three months old! Between the shock of the wild bronco and their infant boy rearing it into control, Mr. and Mrs. Horseman’s faces appeared to have seen a ghost!

With baby Les leading the carriage, the Horseman family found themselves at the gates of a dreamy, foggy little village upstate. Perhaps planting new roots here, in Sleepy Hollow, would give the family relief and a fresh new start. But Mr. and Mrs. Horseman still held reservations about poor Les’ oddity; they needed something to help him.

As the carriage bumped over the pumpkin patch surrounding the Sleepy Hollow gates, Mr. Horseman had an idea. A disguise is what little Les needed! He took to a pumpkin with his knife, TaaDaa!

Kickstarter Rewards Chart


I’ve you haven’t found it already, please check out the Kickstarter Campaign to get “The Island and the Plough”, AND “Captain and Crow’s ABCs” AND an interactive iPad ebook App version of “The Island and the Plough” printed and in your hands!  This is also your chance to get custom art work on the cheap!  You can get a mugshot of yourself in the style of the The Daily Mobster, or you can get a one of a kind letter print in the style of “Captain and Crow’s ABCs” OR you could even get your paws on some of the original art from one of the books!  So head on over or share with your friends and family.

Sketch Dailies

I recently stumbled across another great illustration/sketch collaboration effort similar to Illustration Fridays called Sketch Dailies. There are some amazingly wonderful artists on there that prove to be a great inspiration. Here is my debut submission for their topic “Heffalump” . Follow Sketch_Dailies on twitter or their website.

Get Your SketchbookJack Custom Sketch

Now is your chance to get a SketchbookJack sketch of you, your mom, your dad, grandma, dog, tea kettle, teddy bear, gold fish, or maybe just leave it up to Jack. This is a rare opportunity to get a custom original for only $25 via the “The Island and the Plough”/”Captain and Crow’s ABCs” book publishing Kickstarter campaign. Not only will you get a custom sketch, but also a PDF version of the book of your choosing. Share the love:

SketchbookJack Books Kickstarter

For those who have been following me for a while you have seen post after post of this book, that book, this app, and that sample page. But now, they have all come together in one single chance to make it all

Two books, “The Island and the Plough” and “Captain and Crow’s ABCs” (plus “The Island and the Plough” interactive iPad ebook app) are becoming real with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. Think of this a pre-order, not as a risk to invest in a project. The work is already done, we just need to get them printed!
Please, check it out and share with your friends. If you can’t fund, remember that just sharing the link and getting the word out means more than you might think.

L.A. Noir

sketchbookjack jackandtill etsy print black and white art film noir print la los angeles downtown bold illustration

I have started a few noir inspired posters and am thinking of doing one for each city in which I have lived or visited.  I probably can’t do everything I have visited, and probably no one wants a poster from half of those cities, so I’ll hit the big, fun, major ones.  But, I thought I’d start it off with L.A. as I have been for the past eight years and it seems deserving.  I’ll add them as prints to the shop as I get them done.

Jouez! Redux!

Jouez! Ultraswing is back, and this time with a commission piece for a gig poster for their live shows.  You know, the kind of poster that will plastered on telephone polls, the backs of pubs, and billboards.  This was an incredibly fun project to work on, so if you are perusing the streets of Brighton, Newhaven, Worthing, or maybe even London, be on the look out for these plastered about.  If you see them, take photos and send them to me!

Ultraswing gypsy jazz band gig poster Joez black and white retro vintage design layout mockup art illustration comic cartoon selmer guitarist bassist pub django reinhardt live music pen and ink characters character design

The Island and the Plough: Teaser Trailer 1

If you have been wondering where I have been, I have been busy busy busy, toiling away to bring “The Island and the Plough” to interactive ebook iPad app form.  It will have originally composed music created by the professional concert pianist, Stephen Pikarsky and will be narrated by the incredibly talented (and soon to be published, himself) Bill Townley.  This is not to mention that the illustrations from the book will come to life with interactive physics, graphical words that react to touch, and additional animations that will bring the characters to life.   Once we launch this and get it off the ground, I will be going to Kickstarter to ask for some additional funds to get the physical book printed.  This will be a somewhat different take on the kickstarter platform, as the work is already done, and there will already be a product to buy (the App) if you aren’t terribly interested in funding Kickstarter.  However, if you are interested in supporting my future work, or just want to get your hands on the physical book, you can kick in (essentially pre-order) the book.  If we reach the goal, it will allow us to get the large quantity of books printed at a price reasonable for you!

So stay tuned, the App will be released in the coming weeks and the Kickstarter to get “The Island and the Plough” prints will follow immediately after.  In the meantime, chew on this trailer for a bit!

iPad App is Coming!



There is big news for SketchbookJack.  An interactive iPad ebook app is currently in the works.  The first app will be “The Island and the Plough.”  All the bold, black and white illustrations will come to life with animations, a narrator, and even an apple-catching mini-game.  I don’t want to spoil too much, so stay tuned and I’ll post a few more screenshots.
ebook childrens book iPad epub black and white bold typography interactive style cartoon illustration art design layout mockup screenshot tree apple words reading design app

ebook childrens book iPad epub black and white bold typography interactive style cartoon illustration art design layout mockup screenshot tree apple words reading design  app

Choose Your Weapon 7″ Vinyl

The prints for DeFacto Entertainment’s 7″ vinyl single have arrived!  Here are the final, printed versions of the illustrations I did for their album art.  If you enjoy hip hop, rap, and/or the illustrations involved you can order your own here: (Photos courtesy of DeFacto Entertainment)

The earlier shots I posted of the work in progress can be found in this earlier post.

Captain and Crow’s ABCs

Here is a sneak peak of my latest book project. I am working on finding an agent and pitching around “The Island and the Plough” but I am continuing to build up other projects, because there are plenty more to come.

Here we have “Captain and Crow’s ABCs”.  The Captain finds a smart Crow who challenges him to to a test.  First he is asked if he knows his ABCs, to which the Captain replies “ARR!” only to be followed by asking what his favorite letter is.  Of course, it is R.  The crow challenges him to name a word for every letter in the alphabet that has an R sound in it.  Here, the Captain is almost stumped by the letter I, and  much confusion arises between I, eye and aye.

captain crow pirate matey arrr funny humor black and white abc childrens book layout design characters illustration cartoon comic raven letters learning education sketchbookjack art insides anatomy pen and ink bold design

Captain is almost stumped with I, but then he finds a word that has an ARRRRR in it.